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Stride Consultancy can provide information all about SAIF- Zone. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF-Zone) and the Airport have been instrumental in helping Sharjah's economy scale new peaks. SAIF-Zone is the fastest growing airport free zone in the region, while the international airport has gained an enviable reputation as a leading cargo hub.
Speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness have been the cornerstones of Sharjah's industrial policy. A stable government, proactive policies, solid industrial base and an attractive incentives package have drawn a very high proportion of foreign investments into Sharjah in recent years.Dedicated to quality and excellence, SAIF-Zone is the symbol of efficient operations- the better alternative for business ventures in the UAE and beyond.
Easily accessible to seaports on the Gulf of Oman (Port Khor Fakkan) and the Arabian Gulf (Port Khalid), SAIF-Zone is built adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport .

With features as unique as these, it is little wonder that SAIF-Zone has registered pheno-menal growth since its inception in 1995. With over1090 companies operating out of it.
With the distinction of being the world's first ISO 9001 certified Airport Free Zone, SAIF-Zone has a highly developed infrastructure, providing state of the art services. It is ideally located in the vicinity of Sharjah City , adjacent to Sharjah International Airport .

Its close proximity to major UAE Airports and Seaports on the East Coast ( Arabian Gulf ) and 120 kms to the West Coast ( Indian Ocean ) of the UAE is a vital strategic advantage especially for export, import and industrial establishments.
Trade Incentives & Advantages:
• First ISO 9001 Certified Airport Free Zone in the world
• 100 % foreign ownership & repatriation of funds with no currency restriction.
• Free transfer of funds & a stable currency linked to US $
• Access to over 1.6 billion consumers.
• Strategic location between East and West
• Abundant & inexpensive energy
• Competitive structure of fee, property & equipment leases
• A 24 hour hotline for equipment and provision of labour.
• Unlimited work force with an economical wage structure.
• Global & regional communications & excellent sea, land & air transport links.
• Highly qualified bilingual staff
• License issued in 24 hours.
• Only 15 km away from Dubai International Airport .
• Access to ports in the Arabian Gulf & the Indian Ocean .
• International air link across the world via Sharjah Iternational Airport and direct flight to 14    Indian cities.
• Home of Lufthansa Cargo regional aviation hub.
• High frequency of cargo flights operating to 75 destinations on the CIS form Sharjah    International Airport .
• Largest export volumes in the U.A.E and the only major airport dealing with charter operations.
• Priority, simplified customs procedures & special handling for goods & freight forwarding to and    from the SAIF-Zone.
• No deposit customs policy for cargo in transit between Sharjah seaports and the SAIF-Zone.
• Back-up services include those provided by the Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce, Sharjah Expo    & up to 40 International banks.
• Sharjah dominates half of the industrial activities in the U. A. E.
• Facilities for manufacturing, assembling, packaging, import, re-export , trade and value added    activities are catered for at the Zone.
• The U. A. E's six International airports, and seven major sea ports provide a variety of choices    to importers and exporters with healthy competition, leading to low port handling cost. Airports    and ports are close to each other and while they are connected by a fast motorway network,    the distance between any port and airport requires only 2 to 3 hours of trucking time.
• Speed, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness have been the U.A.E's sea-air hub's unique    selling point. As a result, U.A.E accounts for the highest sea-air cargo handled in Asia with    Sharjah International Airport accounting for the largest sea-air tonnage uplifted.
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